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AI Game Master

Craft Your Fantasy, Command Your Story

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Experience the Magic of
AI Storytelling

AI Game Master Logo

Jump into AI Game Master, a fun text adventure where you're the hero! Pick your plot, battle it out with cool text moves, and steer your story wherever you want. 

Ready to play?

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Shared Adventures

AI Game Master Adventure
Mystery of the vanishing stars

Thrust into a world where ancient magics awaken,and restore balance to the night sky

AI Game Master Adventure
Whispers of the ancients

An ancient artifact hidden within the Shadowy Caverns, said to grant immense power to whoever wields it​​​

AI Game Master Adventure
The Magical Shrooms

Our Hero only Wants to Relax

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free text combat system
Unique Free Text
Combat System
local multiplayer
Team Up With Friends
infinite possibilities
Infinite possiblities
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Choose Your Adventure

ai master categories

Select the genre and start crafting your unique story

Create Characters

ai image female warrior

"I wanna be a skilled female ranger with green eyes, highly proficient with a longbow"

Embark on the Journey

ai image adventure

Dive into a world with no limits, where your words shape the narrative

Combat and Challenges

ai image combat

Engage with a one-of-a-kind free text combat system, testing your creativity and strategy

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Where Your Words Forge Worlds

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Token System

  • Initial Tokens: When you first sign up, you’ll receive 10 free tokens to kickstart your adventure.

  • Daily Tokens: For the first five days you play, you’ll earn 5 additional tokens each day, giving you a taste of the expansive adventures AI Game Master offers.

Each interaction with the AI costs one token. This means that every time the AI sends you a message or response, one token is deducted from your balance. You can write as much as you want in each message to make the most of each token.


Paul Pour

"Great game so far. Much more advanced than any other ai rpgs I've seen."

Amazing Generated Images

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The Statistic Scrolls








Adventures Won



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